Friday June 30 - La Hacienda Recreation Center - Instructor Jan Hilgenfeld

Babycham - Ron Bloye

Sweet Sweet Smile - Fi Scott & Johnny Two-Step

Hole in My Heart - Susan Duncan & Rob Fowler

Country Bump - Darren Bailey

Bopper’s Strut – Hank & Mary Dahl  

Whiplash - Fromow, Fowler & I.C.E.

I Saw Linda - Michael Bourre

We're Good to Go - Rob Fowler

Betty Lou's Boogie - Anita McNab

Rocking Robin - Annie Saerens

Dance of a Lifetime - Julie Snailham

Tango Pa'Bailar - Jose Maria Tome

Blue Night Cha - Kim Ray

Toot Toot - Linda Burgess

Get it Right - Maddison Glover

Runaround Sue - Rachael McEnaney

Such a Fool - Niels Poulsen

Cold Heart - Maddison Glover

Love Me or Leave Me - Frank Trace

It's Up to You - Kim Ray

Friday June 30 - Truman Recreation Center - Instructor Sue Heller

Lucky Lips - Gary Lafferty

Never Drinking Again – Lee Hamilton

Float - Hana Ries

Hitch a Ride - Tina Argyle

Reunited - Neils Poulsen 

Such a Fool - Niels Poulsen

I Close My Eyes - Hazel Pace

Storm and Stone - Maddison Glover 

Give Me Your Tempo – Nathan Gardiner

Tucson Too Late - Maddison Glover

Must Be the Country - Rob Holley

Here We Go - Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Show Me - Joey Warren

Train Wreck - Niels Poulsen

Friday June 30 - Canal Street Recreation Center - Instructor Silvia High

Open Dance 1:00

Jhoome (AKA Swing) - Mark & Chris Adv 

7 and 70 - Cody Flowers Int 

Keep This Feeling - Darren Bailey Int 

If I fall - Jose Miguel Vane Int 

Wreckage - Fred & Shane Int 

Airs And Graces - Roy & Fiona Int 

The Last Hurrah - Roy/Fiona, Simon & Maddison Int 

Teach/Review as time allows  1:30

Good Stuff - Scott Blevins Int NEW

Can’t Catch Me - Tim Johnson & JP Madge Int NEW last wk

So Cold - Bradley Mather Phr Adv 

NEW last wk 

Magic In Madness - Guillaume Richard Phr Adv 

Because Of You - Mark, Chris & Greg Danvoie Int 

Get On My Love - Shane McKeever Phr Adv 

Hurts My Soul - Niels Poulsen Int 

Hill Of Hope - Roy, Fiona, Maddison & Niels Phr Adv 

Shouting To The Monsters - Niels Poulsen  Int

Friday June 30 - Everglades Recreation Center - Instructor Sherry Kemp

Step Right Up - Dancin' Dean 

Every Step You Take - Sherry Kemp

We Never Knew Love - Lee Hamilton (SCO), Gary O'Reilly (IRE) & Maggie Gallagher

Don't Miss a Thing - Sherry Kemp 

Charleston Boogie - Tom Inge Soenju 

I Live for You - Sherry Kemp

Cold Heart - Andrico Yusran 

Won't You Dance With Me - Brenda Holcomb 

Safe and Sound - Dee Musk 

Rain Dance - Tina Argyle 

Blue Night Cha - Kim Ray

Down On Your Uppers - Gary O’Reilly 

Bad Habits EZ - Alison Johnstone 

Float - Hana Ries

Rainy Day People - Alison Johnstone (AUS) & Ira Weisburd

Tango? Not Really - Betty Moses

Just Dance - Rosie Morrison

Cold Heart - Maddison Glover 

Friday June 30 - Rohan Recreation Center - Instructor Diane Ellis

Level 1 

A Perfect Day - Monita Lim

A Little Love Storm - Norman Gifford

San Antonio Stroll - Hall, Allen

Honor The Bond - Sherry Kemp 

Level 2 

Imitation Love - Gary Lafferty

World for Two - Gary O'Reilly

Never Drinking Again - Lee Hamilton

Love You Cha - Grace David